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Outdoor Plants

Regardless of the season the Belton Garden Centre outdoor plant area is bustling with activity as staff and customers prepare for the gardening season ahead. We have a wide variety of plants to choose from whether you’re looking for an instant impact of colour, as well as evergreen and deciduous plant types. We have thousands of Shrubs, Trees, Climbers and Perennials to choose from.

Many of the plants we stock are from award-winning nurseries. We carefully select from the best growers across Europe and try to support British growers wherever possible. Deliveries arrive fresh from the nursery in perfect condition. New stocks arrive on a regular basis so we are always able to offer an excellent choice of quality plants for all tastes and gardens.

Our expert onsite team are able to provide information on soil requirements, advice on how and where to plant, pruning and aftercare of all plants so they survive and flourish, making your garden spectacular.